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Should I?
« on: November 24, 2019, 01:40:34 AM »
Should I sport a beanie to cover my dome so it can't be a target for the Smith & Wess chrome?
Should I bow down to bitches who want me to lose coz I did a dumb dance in some blue suede shoes?
Should I act all modest & meek even though we all know I'm just a cheap piece of meat?
Should I try to fit in or just fuck off coz Iím not down for no cunt tryin to rape their way to the top?
Should I be shame Iím not perfect and attempt suicide coz a stranger told me I should once upon a time?
Should I offer myself up to the Devilís or wait for an end worse than death much like a terrifying fate?
Should I waste my time trying to beat all my foes or concede defeat knowing thereís nowhere to go?
Should I laugh about abuse even if itís not mine or should I stand up for those subjected to crime?
Should I steal, beg and borrow to rise above my lowly station knowing all too well blasphemys a vocation?
Should I watch my back when my eyes are Infront and never sleep knowing itís likely Iíll get jumped?
Should I boast about wrongdoing or turn snitch on these cunts although itís painfully obvious that the cops are corrupt?
Shoulda, woulda, coulda.
What have I done?
Nobody cares.
I guess Iím just dumb.
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