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I'll Be Damned #2
« on: December 12, 2019, 03:41:29 AM »
Not sure how much time I got
No sure how Iíll survive
Dug such a shallow grave
I know others despise
Done my dash with everyone
No one got my back
Here I find myself alone
Sometimes I just feel trapped

Not sure when theyíll catch up to me
The voices all say ďsoon'
I just live day to day
I feel overwhelmed and consumed
With negatives
Expletives explain my pain
Iím so deranged
Got no clout
Got no doubt that Iíll be met with terror and shame

I look back over my time on Earth
Iíve always been a bad seed
Donít think the penance for my sins will be tolerable
I rue the day I was conceived
Canít think of a time when I was innocent
Canít think of an excuse
And even if I had one it wouldnít be any bloody use

I was going to retire from the written word
I was lost for hope and a way to cope
So Iíve come back to my poetry
Despite that itís a joke
Feel free to dismiss me
Iím not looking for a fan
I just need an outlet for my misery
Knowing Iíll be damned