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Please Delete My Account
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:38:19 AM »
You cunts be hitting fannies and punching people in the pisser
Thatís why I donít wanna be ya muthafuckin sista
Fuck you and ya poxed up swastikas
Stick to the script ya fuckin shit licker
Iím just kickin up shit coz Iím a fuckin shit kicker
Schizophrenic bitch so you know my shit sicker
Pickin on a pig coz their skin cook quicker
They called me a dog so I had a fuckin litter
I donít know what Iím saying
Iím like the fuckin big dipper
Looney Park pro sipping on cheap liquor
This donít make sense coz Iím drug fucked tripper
Theyíll make me eat my words coz revenge come quicker for the baby sitter sitting on her flat, flabby shitter
Which way's Wicca gunna lead this sinner
Which ways quicker to the West of Windsor
Some let it be
Some let it linger
Some give a hand
Some give a finger
Pimping ainít easy coz of Jack The Ripper
Ask Cinderella what happened to ya precious slipper
Stretched like a pussy punched by the highest bidder
Maybe theyíll harvest my heart, lungs, kidney and liver
This is so disguting
I think Iíll watch the idiot box instead