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Am I Lying?
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:10:21 AM »
You hit fannies and punch people in the pisser
Thatís why I donít wanna be ya muthafuckin sista
Case of the split minds so I sound sicker than a Skinner
Bitch ass Nazis appropriated the swastika
I tried to let it be but ya keep reminding me
Go figure
Fuckin hipocrits dead set on pointing the bloody finger
Pimpin me out coz I never fucked for a figure
Threatening to force me to be a stripper as if thatís gunna make em bigger
Human garbage on the corner like common fuckin litter
Sinners convinced they the winners while they spittin in ya dinner
Small time schadenfreudes upper lip stiffer
Thriving on misery coz it makes em feel superior and quicker
Apparently evolved people enjoy forcing victims to lick their shitter
And suckin ya cousins dick is kosher coz theyíre emulating Hitler