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Last Rites
« on: December 29, 2019, 04:29:59 AM »
If these be my last days I hope to savour the fleeting peace
I cannot overcome my enemies nor attempt to defeat
I fear Iíve dug a shallow grave of which I canít escape
Nor do I hope for any man to subject themselves to my same fate
Itís unfortunate yet common being so many are prone to sin
Iíve been wayward, foolish and Iím tiresome of many a ruinous thing
I canít take back my disrespect nor turn back the hands of time
So be it if it be so
I must pay for my crimes
I donít wanna risk others welfare nor seek forgiveness from my foes
Iíll face what judgement may come my way or as the saying goes
What goes around comes around
My time is almost up
I hear my enemies laughing at my misfortune so I guess Iím outta luck
I donít want people to miss me
I donít want people to mourn
Iíll meet my fate with cowardly apprehension as no man would want to warn
What Iím at risk of
Unless he basks in pain and torment
Cruel and stern
This just happens to be a justice in the eyes of those who hope I burn