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Eternal Hate
« on: January 12, 2020, 12:58:37 AM »
I donít wanna be defeated by these devilish disbelievers
Feeliní like if I convinced a child Iíd eat the got damn foetus
Because they treat us like im the cheapest piece of meat when they beat us
They ainít abusing my babies too
You best bloody believe us

How Iím supposed to protect my own when they invite themselves into my home like I got no rights livin alone and got no friends or family, only foes

Why would I want to bare an innocent babe in such a cruel world where abuse is praised and the devilís degrade in such pervaded ways then get off scot free like we canít be saved

The Bible says we must be prepared to suffer just as Christ was even if youíre scared, never mind you canít actually prepare for the fear or pain these Devils wish to impair you with coz itís so damn sick itíll boggle your mind just contemplating it

They say if you actually care bout a thing itíll drive you insane coz this world so full of sin that they got us thinkin backwards like only abusers win and youíre a sucka if you wanna be good and praise Him

I figure if I gotta be judged by the devilís then Iím wishing Hell 'pon their soul while they meddle and peddle with my life as if itís a game coz they donít believe but I was the same

I didnít believe they existed until I was afflicted and I was beyond just surprised when I opened my eyes saw past the disguise and realised all their lies which is the same suprise they gon wake up to when THEY die like Iíve died at least two times

I know they think Iím lame coz I donít try to fit in or kiss ass and suck up to these scum devils who lust after sin

I know theyíll defeat me

I know Iíll be terrified

I know Iíll have nowhere to run to or hide

I know Iíll be tortured, degraded and defiled

So I wish Hell Ďpon these Devils souls when THEY die

Same as they wishing a living Hell 'pon me while I'm alive