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3 Years
« on: January 26, 2020, 05:26:38 AM »
3 years since I felt a manís touch
3 years since I felt that kinda lust make ya blush
3 years since I decided that I trusted to much and chose to just say enough is enough

3 years
Countless tears
Full of fear and torment
Shame and hate
So many possibilities because I punched above my weight

3 years
No near or dear
No foundation to build upon
Just constant corruption
Mal Donna productions
No hope to belong

3 years of jabs and taunts and jeers
They laugh at my misery
Itís all a trap
One day Iíll vanish
Apparently Iím Spanish
No one got my back

3 years of fruitless modesty although I wasnít trying to gain
Most days I think theyíll kidnap me and change my name to something bane

3 years