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« on: January 31, 2020, 04:45:47 AM »
Will they kidnap me
Torture me
Whore me
Whatís instore
Life is just a series of abuses
Iím sure
Iím at my witís end
Tried to take my life countless times
The voices tell me to try again
Am I better off dead than alive
Iíve been so ignorant
Now all I feel is defeat
Nobody wants to save me
My life is just cheap
I used to be blindly confident
Nowadays Iím a shell of my former self
Iím homeless
Ugly and old
I donít think anyone would be desperate enough to favour me
I just fold
Theyíll pounce on my weaknesses
They thrive on abuse
I was raised by these Devils
Born D.O.A.
Thereís no use
Itís obtuse to suggest I have nothing to fear
Yet over and over they lie
All is not as it appears
I try to tell myself for all I suffer God will reward
Iíve got nothing to lose by believing in the Lord
Theyíve been on my tail since I was a mere child but theyíll convince everybody my demise is a prize
They have us applauding the torment of suckaz like me
I snitched because nobody cares if Iím free
Iím supposed to envy my enemy
They call me a slave
They accuse me of wrongdoing when theyíre all so depraved
And my torment isnít going to impact mankind
A few people will prosper the more they deprive
I tried to do good but thatís bad to my foes
Iím just a nobody know nothing bitch they call BONeZ
I donít wanna drag anybody else down too
So I live the life of a remorseful recluse

There's No Justice It's Just Us