Author Topic: Sccit happy that Newsom has added additional lockdowns in Commie-fornia  (Read 294 times)

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In todayís news, Gov. Gavin Newsom of Commie-fornia has just ordered more lockdowns.

Los Angeles resident of the rap group L.A.M.B was asked if he would comply with the new draconian measures.

ďDude, what is it you donít get.  I told you.  Sweden did not lockdown and now everyone is dead there.  We must comply and obey all orders from government if we want to stay safe.  Listen dude, Iím a sheep and if thereís one thing Iím good at itís doing what Iím told.  And dude, quit letting these lockdowns control your life.  Just wear your mask like a sheep, and who gives a fucc.  It doesnít effect my life.  I watched the Lakers championship from my basement it was wonderful.  I just stay home and eat Doritos and play video games, so who gives a fucc.  Now what you really need to be up on though is Black Lives Matter.  You got to be careful.  If you keep going around talking about freedom and stuff like that people will think cause you are white that you donít support black lives matter.  So be careful about the shit you talk about cuzĒ
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Re: Sccit happy that Newsom has added additional lockdowns in Commie-fornia
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