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Cubic Zirconia

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« on: July 31, 2020, 03:17:05 PM »
They'd rather annihilate us all
Than concede some kind of equality where no man should have to fall
Where no man should have to suffer for the benefit of another
Profiteering pain and abuse just so they can glow while we're the buffer
We're the leverage
The anchor that keeps their vessels of victory in steed
Steering us t'wards the shores of gimme more and lust and greed
Their glories have been born by chains worn and stripes across our backs
They'll never be fuckin satisfied
They'll never free us
Forever trapped
We're the currency that currently keeps their systems clicking like clocks
We're the man that turns the hands of time
We'll be thrown towards the docks
And they'll sail high upon the seven seas looking for new lands to corrupt
To feed their coffers
Ever willful
Ever wanting
Until they rot


Gatz N Rozes

Re: Trust
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what is trust got no friends i bust on anybody
grab the microphone & freeze mcs at your party
worlds been a turmoil since the big bang,
everybody wanna be like a brand, big man
seen 2 much drama thats why my brain is sick man
stuck between yesterday & tommorow
heart became colder cant feel no sorrow
can i borrow a feeling as i puff on a jay
politricks exploiting us like slaves with no pay
should i throw my life away?or get the target?
labels scared of my steez, da wickedest on market
straight jacket lines w skitzofrenic flowz
rhymes about black wholes all you rap is about hoes
but we know you will sell more bcuz u sound homo
your promo tape was hardcore xxx gay porno


Cubic Zirconia

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Re: Trust
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Fuck outta here with the homophobic shit homey
I'm real
You really fake
Talk bout phony on the microphone maybe you need a microdot brody
Come pay us a visit
Wizard of Oz
I have ya picking out a burial spot
I'm soft
But you maggots wanna test a bitch
Go figure
How ill I gotta be to get a bigger wig to split
Done fuckin with you amateurs
Bring it slut
You and every big Buck fuck
I'll have yas all tossed
I got plenty clovers to pluck
I pluck a riff too then spit a sick loog
But you ain't never gettin a well versed rhyme outta me
I'd write for a legend coz I know
Any dime or fee I see Gunna feed people
I don't want the drop top or weed
But I will bring evil