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How You Figure
« on: August 01, 2020, 05:07:35 AM »
How you figure
Coz I'm a Wigga
That's a synonym
It don't make none of us cracker cunts any bigger
How you suppose we got a tale to tell
We had the god damn stage
We fell
Had the limelight so long we damn near blind to everybody songs
How we convince ourselves this ain't our ticket to hell coz it's one hell of a ride
How the fuck have we convinced ourselves that we don't have to look inside
A little deeper
Peep the teachers
Tryin to reach us
Feel it creepin?
Not the weed men
The weekend
The end of Weakness
How you gonna be so conceited as if you actually need to treat us as a lesser
As if ya actually need to beat us or defeat us
Just mess the shit up
I'm no challenge
I'm no threat
I done a bitta dirt
Left it clean
Still got a debt to pay
But you crackers aint collection crap from me today
How you figure
I'm YOUR wigga
You the bigger to my badder?
You the top dog?
Big fish?
Holy Father?
You finished yet or you just gettin started.
Let's go father than a mother would for her child.
How you figure I ain't Gunna run the world for mine