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Pappa Dunford
« on: August 01, 2020, 05:17:10 AM »
Just thinkin bout Dear Samuel
My great granddaddy and what he handled
Stole a sheep to feed his family
The King made sure his ass was damned see
Sent him on a boat across the seven seas
He was chained within the bowels
Covered in vomit
Starving B
Scrubbed raw on deck until he howled
For however long it took to get here from England
Whipped into labour
Flogged is the term they use for convict victims
10 years hard labour
Not like a lifetime and generations of the evil
Still I'm thinkin
Fuck the crown and all the pain they dealt the people
Poor Pappa Dunford
Had to change his name to rid himself of the convict stain
This is my Mother's Father's Paternal side
Barker was his chosen name
Just thinkin of them whips and chains
Just thinkin of that boat
The pain
Just thinkin
If he never stole that sheep would they have starved and I'd have no damn name
Just thinkin