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Done For
« on: August 01, 2020, 06:19:35 AM »
I'm fuckin stuck
Ran outta time
Roped in
Stoked Bing
They can't wait till I walk in the cell
Got it all set up
It's gunna be just like hell
And there'll be no escape
I'll be in but I'll have no mate
It'll be me gettin conned with no fuckin conviction
Won't make a spig of difference to any other fuckin victim
But they lustin for blood
They beggin for pain
No excuses
No need to explain
Nowhere to Run to
Nowhere to hide
They'll bury me
I'm done for
Never dead
KEPT alive
They want a slave outta me
They want me to beg
They want me to crawl
They want me to scream
They want me to fall
I'm done for
They gon cut, stab, choke, kick, smash, burn and all
I'm done for y'all
I'm done for