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Down With Who?
« on: August 01, 2020, 08:59:37 AM »
How you gonna knock me for being honest
I never tried to scam
Just trying to keep a promise
I never tried to be all that
I never tried to keep em trapped
I never tried
But now I got no choice

How ya gonna hate on me so much
I wasn't born knowin everything
I'm trying to learn some
I'm trying to earn some
I'm trying to do better
I fail every day
I try to learn from all these darned mistakes

How you gonna expect more from me than you do of your damn self
I'm sorry I don't add up
I can't even protect myself
I'm trying to be respectful
Got so much more to learn
Tryin to grow up and finally take my fuckin turn
Before I burn

How you gonna assume to know me
You don't even know yourself
Have no idea what you would do if my hand were the same cards you were dealt
Got no clue what you would if the tables turned
Got a little bitta insight but trust
You haven't even heard

How you gonna sit there high and mighty like you never done no wrong
Like the worst I done to you was a little word or silly song
I done worse than that to others
I'm just trying to act grown
How you gonna shut me down when remorse was all was shown

How you gonna lead me to all this knowledge then tell me that I'm wrong
How YOU gonna act like your sorry when I got nowhere to belong
I'll never be safe
You even tried to make amends?
You even stepped down from your throne to throw some words that might defend
How you gonna act like I was never down for you
Now you wanna be down
With who?