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I Got Roots
« on: August 02, 2020, 05:39:35 PM »
My Roots spread like the tendrils of a vine
I got so much history and it's fuckin sublime
I got English roots that date back to the beginning of time
I got Berber ancestors and I'm still living that Eastern vibe
I got Spanish heritage
I got Jewish history
I got Welsh ancestors too B
I got Catholic and Celtic and C of E
I got Judaism, Islam and Christianity
I got convict history
I got warrior in my blood
I got the Inquisition and the Ottoman Empire, Bub
I got the beginning of time till the present day
I got the Bible and spirituality, Babe
I got the Holy Quran
From Mt Sinai to Haram
I got everything I need plus what I learnt of this land
I can actually trace my Roots back to the Motherland, Man
Wether that be my Celtic side
My Islamic faith or Judaic vibe
Wether it be my Irish or my English or my Welsh
I got Roots Baby