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I'll Be Fine
« on: August 03, 2020, 07:49:02 PM »
I smash the windows in your shop
Then I get ready to drop you too
Back when I was staunch
Back when I was down to show and prove
I smashed the bitch
Beat her senseless in the face
Had her screamin' help n shit
They tried to hold me down but my anger they couldn't take
I dropped the cunt
One hit
Left blow right on the nose
I said fuck the rebels in st Kilda
Then sat in the gutter and started to flow
You call me a snitch then start askin questions
You no better than a cop
If I want some product to push I'll see the popo
They confiscate the best you ever got
And no one safe
I seen American History X
You claim you down but you'll do anything in the pound just like my ex
I been called a slave
Nevermind complexion
I been set up since I was a babe
I'm fucked in the head
Know what my ex said
He said my kids was gunna be his slaves
Left his ass for dead
Couldn't pay me enough to go back to him
Left him for my childhood sweetheart and his fuckin name was Bing
But Bing set me up too
Tryin To get me to do time
So fuck Yas all
Keep ya roses and ya flowers made of twine
I'm fine on my own