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Just Wrote This Shit Now
« on: September 05, 2020, 05:34:33 AM »
So sinful
Wishin on stars n shit
And now ya lower than dirt ya snitch
Do anything for a dollar
Do anything for a deal
And you'll have to force me to bow down
I'm not scared of ya
You get nothin less ya take it coz you a fake ass bitch
With ya fake ass tits
And ya fake ass scripts
Fuck ya
Have a go ya grimey cunt
Try to rule my world
Don't take much
I'm homeless
A solitary girl
Make me wanna hurl
Ya disgusting
I heard ya
One sided snatch
I hope your a virgin
Who's stretchin your snatch
Adoptin innocence
No one gives a fuck
It's your fuckin loss
True God
You gon get tossed for the muthafuckin cost
You're outnumbered skank
20 to 1
Happy birthday bidditch
Hope it hurts in the worst way when you get yours triddick
Call Ruddick
Tell him I said fuck it
Tell every cunt I'll take the fall
You're nothin but fuckin scum at the summit
Talkin hate like I never loved ya
As if I had it all
You can rot just like ya mumma, cunt
For one and fuckin all
Callin it justice
Just us?
Just me, myself and I
Die Slow ya fuckin parasites
Every cunt that lie
You gunna fry
I'm askin God if I can rule the underworld
I wanna reign with my father on every cunt tryin to ruin this world
Ya can't forgive the slut
I'll say and do whatever to get by
But you'll never have my soul ya mole
Ya gunna fuckin fry
Sucked the fuck right in
From here to the Bing
Put an a on the end of my name
Now it's Ebona bidditch
You ain't nothin but a money hungry cave bitch
Tryin to get rich off my pussy
Where's ya club ya chump
Oh you down with one percenters coz one is all your punk ass is worth
Ya fuckin dirt to me
Asshole of the year
Die Slow ya fuckin parasites
No Street gon shed tears
Ya got no peers
Only dog cunts
Willin to go down for sweet fuck all
I got a fuckin cause cunt and it's got nothin to do with whores
You're a fuckin bore
White mans bullshit is all you preachin ya fuckin lames
It ain't game
Be ashamed
Be sorry
Say it again
Front on me when I'm wake
So I can stab ya ya fuckin dog
Nah ya wanna drug me coz bein gutless is your job
Don't call it intelligent
Sellin it
Isn't that your justification
Ruining fuckin nations with explicit degradation
Fuck off fuck boy
Fuck Off fuck bitch
Fuck Yas all ya fuckin tricks
Front while I'm awake ya dog cunts and die slow