Author Topic: Bing Requested This So I Did My Worst  (Read 162 times)

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Bing Requested This So I Did My Worst
« on: September 05, 2020, 06:06:13 AM »
I hope you cunts have a bless-ed life
Full of every dream you can imagine
Might be my nightmare but I know the cost
This is fuckin magical
Fuck the mad men
This ain't no cartoon super hero shit
It's honest to goodness truth
I'm gunna rule over ya with my father
Satan himself
You're fuckin done ya goofy cunts
I'm never givin you my best
You're not worth it
I'd rather hex you cunts
I already know who God is
And he's not a fuckin chump
He's no hallucination Bing
He's no man
He's no trifling big or pig
He's no dog
He's no traitorous fuckin mutt
My God
My all
My everything
He gunna reward me ya fuckin sluts
For every fuckin thing I suffer from you sluts
If God exists
You say if God exists why don't he stop this shit
And I'm like
You're responsible for all the actions of your kids
For everything
For eternity ya cunt
But you too busy pimpin bitches and tossing muthaz up
So fine
God don't exist
Let's do the Devils work
Make sure we earn that ticket for which nothing could be worth
I'm an easy mark
But still they hate me
Still they run a Sista down
Still they laughin at my misery
And I'm the fuckin clown?
Wanna be the lion
Wanna join the circus
Wanna travel every town
Wanna go toe to toe on the road and get ya shit kicked in on the ground
You're fuckin scum
Couldn't think of anything better hey ya dog
Sucked the fuck right in cunt
Get a real fuckin job