Author Topic: Eat A Dick, Trick. Coz I'll Starve Ya  (Read 146 times)

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Eat A Dick, Trick. Coz I'll Starve Ya
« on: September 12, 2020, 10:35:20 PM »
All you getting outta me is rubbish coz Iím a white trash bitch
Couldnít write a suckaz anthem or a sonnet to get a cunt rich
Couldnít flow like a river
Could write a fuckin script
Couldnít pop a pill to chill or smoke a erb for words that kill
All you getting is goon shit outta me ya skeez
All you getting is a weed free wiz khalifa that put on 200 £ and learned to box like Mike T
All you getting is a psych ward salad with some salsa on the side coz Iím still lookin for some dressin to toss you with and Iím nobodyís bride
All you getting outta me is soup kitchen chicken bout a quarter a plate with some fries
Processed garbage
Good for nothin barrages good for the garages and underground guys
Iím not writin a fuckin symphonic synthetic systematic song for a fuckin simp who simply wants to be fed n led along coz he too lazy to feed someone who actually needs some
I got scum fuck white supremacist cunts callin me a beggar and bludger and shit yet they wait for me to make a move so they can eat off what I create like tricks