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Morbid Poem
« on: September 26, 2020, 08:39:19 PM »
Destined to drown in the depths of despair
An unfortunate truth
Iím told life isnít fair
I wonít be the first to be hurt and neglected
I found love and yet itís not what I expected
So Iím just keeping up
Keeping on keeping on
Not sure how long Iíve got
Iím already gone
Iím already home
Home be where my heart resides
Iíve nowhere to Run
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to reside despite inside this lonely heart where rests my pride
Loviní myself came at a cost
I canít afford the fate of loss
I canít attest
Profess my all
Iím stressed and so itís best I stall
Heed the call from ages past
The strength of will wonít last
Iíll pass
Iíll fast
I waste away until Iím found
Heavens mercy does abound
In joys unfelt
Truths untold
Gift unheard of
Iíll fold

I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons