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New Beginnings
« on: October 20, 2020, 01:52:20 AM »
Back to the start
But I been here before
Seems there's really no safe place to go
Been round the way
Seen my own grave
Dug my way out
But I'll never be saved

Last night in this joint
Now I'm backtracking
Where to from there
What's the cost

It's a hard knock life
Fulla strife, love and pain
Kinda hard to explain when they call it a game

No rules
No clues
No hope
Just abuse
Laughin all carefree
Dare me
There's no use

I'll chill when I can
Another hopeless victim
Plenty been here before
Plenty men known to sin

Thinkin back
I was beautiful
Happy and free
Not wise
But the disguises never fooled me
Gettin played like a fool
Shoulda stayed in school
Had my fun
More than some
I had no ambitions to rule

Like I said
Back to the start
Once again
Been here before
No foe, family or friends
Just me
It's cool
I'll go out the same way
Lethal injections
Hospital stays
Bing's, Pens
The cage
Say whatever you say
I'm just trying to exist so I live day to day
I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons