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Ho School
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 Stressin on everythin
Got em B
Theyíll never be better than me and you bro
You got me
I got you
Till death
Then we gold
Itís gonna be worth it
All the hurt, shame
We cold
They clownin
We drownin in riches untold
We livin
Never forgivin these ho's
Seperate entities
Government rent n cheese
We got billionaires chasing us
And we ainít even scared
Ay bruz
We be the drawcard
They be the flawed facade
We be the ticket
We be the bread winners
We be the illest
They ainít nothin but sinners
We the sickest
The slickest
Wickedness got nothin on us
We be bringin it
They teamin up on us
We solo
But still
Apparently nobodyís give big hogs straight thrills
Can you imagine my bredren
No love for the dead men
Restin peacefully
They still wanna piece of me
Of we
So we gonna play em like checkers
Check em then wreck em
Letís call em all heifers
Holy cow
Fat cat
Big dogs
The lot
We evolved loved one
No animals in my loft
Steppin on toes
Yíall know how BONeZ flow
So sad Es
They canít figure shit
To busy trying to act bigtime wit this bitch
But I baited em
Hooked em
No chance to back down
Welcome to my joint
I run this damn town

I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons