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Some Bay Area Type
« on: November 22, 2020, 07:54:16 AM »
Don't try to bite my beats yo. I'll leave you cutti mac wit a bloody back. J/K but all my work is protected... BY GOD!!! Say what you want about my beats but it's allll me babbyy. No loops kits, no samples and no help. Every once in a while i'll use premade chords but it was just to experiment.

This one hella old. But I love it tho.

This one sound off a little but I like the bass. I used something for the pm bundle in it. I think I made it last year or earlier this year. I was going to add a John Witherspoon clip at the end but I changed my mind. 🤷

I honestly don't give a damn about this beat. Maybe someone else will like it.

This sounds like something from the 90's. I'm indifferent to this beat as well.

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