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A Story That Sorta Rhymes
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Here’s the fairytale
Here’s the honest to God truth
Here’s what y’all been waiting for
The desperados proof
The little Sucka lookin for a lover to hold her tight
Mind you she agreed no strings attached which usually means one night
Just laying on my lonesome
Reaching out into the mystic
He rejected me
But I’m persistent
He ask me what I want
I said simplicity
We talk a bit and then I fell asleep
Next day she finds a pen that has the word “simple” printed on it which she never kept coz she had it
Don’t mean she want it
That night she couldn’t sleep and started talkin angry and all that because was trying to make her jealous
She wasn’t having that
He asked her to the room
Told her a story
True or not
She played along
He did his thing
And then it stopped
Then it was back to tormenting her
All night and bloody day
She just got angrier and angrier and filled with livid rage
Not because she was jealous
Because he kept excusing his mistakes
Like it’s her fault she’s got self respect and knows her place
She lost it
Comedy to likes of those who prize disfunctionality as if her pains some kind of gift to be despised
So long story short she figured he’s just another man
She wasnt shedding tears over him as if she was his biggest fan
She’s a down to earth kinda woman who ran with what was thrown
Turns out it was no more than a bone
So now she sits in isolation after being drugged for 3 or 4 days because for some godforsaken reason that’s the penance a person pays for paying respects to degenerates who want no more from life than everything that can be bought plus a slave to take home to their wife
Maybe she dodged a bullet even though she’s still locked up
Maybe she’s stuck and outta luck because even this old mole got tossed up
Maybe nothing’s as it seem besides everything and more which revolts her because apparently she’s no more than a boring whore
Just because she wanted some affection and couldn’t think of anyone in her world to think of besides that fucking pig and it was just a thought
That’s what he kept telling her
So she’s saying she’s confused
Coz she was happy with the thought just didn’t wanna be abused
I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons