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So heís back to the sweet nothings that keep me quiet and content
Unlike all the evil that pervades and wonít relent
Iím just living in my mind
At times it feels so heaven sent
Other times a nightmare and thereís no escape or place to vent

I donít wanna be a victim but itís me all on my own
They know I canít defend myself and I donít want them to go
But theyíve got vocations and pursuasions and I just canít meet demands
So Iím frustrated and angry
I guess Iíll never keep a man

Never wanted to be perfect
thatís the base of all desires
The finery
The fancy things
I see it in his eyes
Hear it in his lies
Iím not surprised
Just disappointed
Another reason I despise

So I just mind my own
Sometimes juvenile
I just keep to myself
I guess I never grew since child
Coz this world werenít made for simple folk like me
What seems tiresome and superficial for others is a dream

I love how everyone here is a rap connoisseur
Half y'all belong in the sewer ya cons