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scientifically gifted
the formulas that I scripted caused proton emissions emitted to be sifted into liquids
the half life was only one hundredth of a minute so you probably missed it
i work in the lab with a pad and pencil unassisted
i gather specific statistics and write descriptions of the characteristics
not really concerned about the election votes
nope, i'm trying to convert what i wrote into remote electron volts
the quotes that i denote produces more fossil fuel than Exxon host
my physco psalms are thermonuclear hydro bombs
that are released from my voice box which functions as a cyclotron
God got Eve after He split Adam, but if I tried to split an atom what exactly would happen?
can you fathom? just imagine the reaction
i've been arrested on numerous occasions for trying this as i'm rappin'
who's the only legitimate candidate to serve on the cabinet?
lyrical activist slash advocate, that's adamant about this battle spit
i make sure challengers quit, leave the battlefield uninhabited
all of my many styles are patented, when it comes to wackness, i'm abstinent
other emcees are applicants they come to me for management
from the rap industry i've faced banishment
i'm so sick i'm not even allowed inside their establishments
the catalyst, you critics and analyst are inadequate
imma passionate antagonist evangelist you could never handle this
undergraduates consider my manuscripts holy like sacrament
my verses are extravagant it's no accident that my raps ferment
they're cancerous and slanderous thus saith the panelist
the eccentric schizophrenic with an interest in biophysics as well as hygienics
i study linguistics, the computer's operating system i use is linux
my authentic academic vocabulary is tremendous
with one sentence i create epidemics
at new clinics it improves the genetic composition of the listeners --> eugenics
no specific time limits given for my lyrics, endless vocal calisthenics
i spit malice imma menace, at your palace i'm at the entrance
my madness is the premise, on campus they're attentive
i'm flattered that they're my apprentice, we eat salad and discuss forensics
they make sure my antimatter is replenished, if we battle you'll be left defenseless
i'll splatter your appendix, then scatter it out in Memphis
yes it matters if you're pretentious, no ones flattered is the consensus
my brain is a privately owned underground database, no matter can escape
a safe battle base, a mixture of iron mountain and StrataSpace
surpass you in a race by processing information at a staggering pace
graphical user interface, the musical mathematics are pythagorean based
my thoughts are perfected from a electric geometric perspective
styles are eclectic yet effective
so deceptive it will never be detected by detectives
i wrote this with the feather of a bald eagle dipped in liquid gold
keep the pages rolled like other types of ancient printed scrolls
it could mold if it get too cold the weather really takes its toil
therefore the climate where it goes must be controlled
the members know that'll rip like tissue, so don't fold
i'll then seal it with the official mold
what takes place next concerning this civil epistle i must with hold