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Untitled verse
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This was written around 2012 - 2014

I'm here to get my syllables on

showing cynical charm, detailing the Alumni criminal arm
thinking back on a unfortunate situation that lead to visible harm

the life of the thugs real let me tell about this drug deal
I'll end it with violence so you can imagine just how a slug feels

they rollin' ten deep but I'm not intimidated because his men weak
don't get me wrong they'll lay you out like twin sheets and make your skin leak
but instead of being on guard watching, most of his friend's sleep
me on the other hand, I looked at this from all angles like Kim Peek
and on the contrary I'm not being distracted by their slim freaks

I have a couple grams of bubble hash in the duffel bag
for us this is child's play this is just a bundle stash
for the players that display that trouble swag I brought the double mag
we chop it up and I hand over the goods to the Yardie used to smuggle cash

here's were the situation gets hectic, they say it looks lite, great a skeptic
they won't accept it, just as to be expected me and the Alumni felt disrespected

here we go, time for plan B, I gave the signal to the rest of my villains
in synchronized formation we drew on them but not with the intentions to kill them
listen this is fact not fiction those types of decisions will lead to prison
I stuck to the plan of what was written I let loose the pigeon that was hidden

this let the guys know there was a change of plan and to bring the vans
time to band together, believe it or not everything was still going as planned
I was taught as a grifter to never show them your hand
that's why the entire time I had them thinking that we were out manned

here comes the black vans with tinted windows, Alumni's A-team
now are numbers have grown somewhere closer to eighteen

everyone inside with the gold crest, money cash and honey hash
we loaded up "Everyone stay cool or this will turn into a bloody bath."
what do you know, one dummy dashed and all I saw was his buddy blast
and my partners shirt lit up like a bright white sunny flash............