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Another random 2oI4 verse
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listen to this rap legend, this is a class lesson
your six inches imma foot aint no half steppin'
that was your last lesson you may now ask questions
what about beef? Answer: my masked brethren blast weapons
you may see heaven like a reverend in a fast second
oh and that "gangsta" you love when he comes he still has to check-in
we only let him stay in the west end
then you got these rappers out here who suppose they flow is sicker (you know who you are)
how, when I spit my words form into the shape of a boa constrictors?
my albums aren't rated by mics, they're given number codes on Richter
I compose polyphonic prose elixirs
while your favorite rappers laid up in hotels with h@es and strippers
when he was gettin' his make-up right to pose for pictures adjusting his clothes and zippers
I was writing a verse just as cold as winter
in a battle my opponents get struck with frozen splinters
screw Justin Beiber and Drake the only Canadian rappers I respect are Blitzgred and Swollen Members
gay Emcees be taken swollen members and get their colons injured by industry executives
they be having sex with him yet he still running around talking bout "I'm the best there is!"
when I'm tighter than the decorative dress there in they softer than the bottom chick of a butch lesbian
and I'm positive that they aren't HIV negative he's just pretending he's a thespian
the rest of them wifed up with blonde haired Mexicans or skinny blue eyed Becky
throwing up hand signs like Trekkies
son, I could be the only man on the ballot box and you still couldn't check me

(when I pop they lose / the type of glock I use / will knock these dudes out they freakin Rebook socks and shoes)