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2014 verse against Pits
« on: January 12, 2021, 08:05:31 PM »
now moving right along to the stan Pits // throw him in a quick sand pit quick
my written sand scripts I spit will make this man quit
are you a warlock or a damn witch? leave you and him sandwiched in a fish sandwich
I'll just continue to hit and hit until I need my fist band-aged
anyone can get dissed over this bandwidth // that's what all of you have provoked
leave you choked and blood soaked and your rhyming privileges have been revoked
to me you always been a joke, you been sweet you been a pope // you Benedict
been a trick been out of work on lyrical ware fare collecting benefits // I been this sick
so tired of suffering from this illness I'm hoping someone will put an end to it
at the same time I'm really into this // writing injurious sentences offering apprenticeship
students with menacing penmanship // put a pen to your back and make you walk the plank while I'm still in the ship
Pits no mason is worthy of Alumni membership // I'm tired of repeating myself to you so from now on remember this
especially if you're not exceptionally gifted at least with an IQ over 125 like December fifth
a Dallas Texan coming at you with the number twenty twenty like I'm Emmitt Smith
verse count is limitless // legendary put me in the hall of fame my tongue is a ball and chain
burning like a ball of flames // I'm able to leave brothers slain just like the downfall of Cain
I'm ballin' mayne // go ask my Cutty Mac's in Vallejo, I got that yayo, K quick to spray though
wit' the silencer not a potato // got mad Ese's on the payroll down to make them pesos
for me they'll do a 187 in broad daylight if I say so // enough fire arms to go war against NATO
Aye yo // I sit down and write like it's nothing Black // to this day I aint put out nothing wack
I'm under surveillance by the DEA right now for verbally pumping crack // if you think you can do this you must be puffin' crack
so fast and strong I take flight whenever I'm doing jumping jacks // if I really get at you yo, there just aint no coming back