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Pork Shoulder - 2011
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the geto boy tht raps alot
after i slapped the cop
he grabbed his glock and unloaded
like the flu season
i took a shot to the shoulder
i fled the block
refusing to be captured cause i'm claustrophobic
the plot thickened
the clock's ticken'
as the story unfolded
i'm not snitchin', i'm not kiddin'
his gun exploded then i bolted
now i'm in my kitchen
my shirt is soakin'
my arm's twitchin' and it's swollen
i hear the sirens the helicopters
as the police prepare to close in
i'm bleedin' to death
and it's diffucult to hold my pen
when they arrive, all they'll find
is that i've died
and this poem i penned