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The truth may scare u!
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Re: The truth may scare u!
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On the face value bio-tech seems absolutely fine. I mean right now, I love the convenience of streaming via Spotify and Iíve been able to get rid of a lot of hard physical product as a result. But what happens when there the psychical product is no longer supported? IE; CD players not manufactured, and then there are conditions placed upon how and how long for you can obtain access to an internet connection? New technology has pros and cons.

CRISPR gene editing (which isnít far off what this new covid vaccine is) could be a great thing especially in the treatment of diseases so Iím not dissing it but they have already found that it can render the bodyís natural fighting ability very difficult meaning diseases like cancer would be a sure death sentence, and gene editing isnít really ďeditingĒ something like a word document. Itís permanent. I remember reading about this RNA thing right before this covid nonsense came about, because they were claiming how they could switch off pain receptors and do all kinds of god-like things. Again, could be a lot of good, but theyíll be a group somewhere wondering how they can utilise this for control, like all new technologies - including the internet.
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