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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Enter Rip Van Wrinkle
« on: May 06, 2021, 11:52:47 PM »
Infinite Trapped in 1996—exit dream
enter Rip Van Wrinkle, 20 years unseen
enter, to a world I don't know,
taken over in the reverse course
not Revolutionary War, but reversed course
Not Liberty and Freedom but vaxx forced
Not bold brave and beautiful—but just dorks
Nerd brigade Bill Gates takeover of Planet Earth
Guess Illuminati hit that Dre predicted
in 1996 before my dream began I'd just ran
through—the Source, magazine at my window
Like a clouded smoke of Indo my life changed course
Dreamed 20 plus years to come back as a relic
and that's -- my word -- 
Only sneak disses to skip Censors who Censor--words
CNN Television, no B-E-T Rap City or YOMTV raps
just mask wearing sheep, bewitched portrayal acts
The world fears disease so much they lay on backs
and lack courage to defeat the elitists
and instead they so gullible they fall for that
I'm from the days of O.G.C. so "No Fear"
I watched the Crucible in mid 90's
Didn't know Middle Dark Ages would arrive here
in the world of 2020's they got plenty fear
and fags rule your air waves eject Nas Esco
It's lil Nas X in tight pants spandex Uni-sex
No Top Gun 2 for Tom Cruise to take away your breath
Theatre closed, and a mask mandate imposed
to Take-away-your breath
No self-respect no dignity
I must of dreamed to see the last 20 plus
Years, since I fell asleep, I am therefore I exist
It's Rip Van Wrinkle a.k.a. Infinite Trapped in 1996!!

"I will make records as big or bigger than Death Row".   -Dre, Source 1996

"I didn't do nothing but make people money and I didn't leave nobody high and dry.  Any album (on death row) people are going to check for.  But it's time for Dre to worry about Dre.  I'm focused on the new Snoop Doggs, not like that but you know what I mean."

Dre -  Source 1996 cover

"Ain't trying to stick around for Illuminati (One World Government Takeover) / Got to buy my own island by the year 2-G