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Ebony Bree Caple

Summer Lovin
« on: June 29, 2021, 12:22:32 AM »
Let's toss these grease balls
Let's BOSS these beast whores
Let's set em up for fun
Coz they don't give a fuck bout who where what or when
They're fuckin scum
They pimp out kids
Make films of pigs getting fucked in ass by fists
Coz they're infidels
Let's send to em to hell
I'll be the first one to bomb a skitz
I'll be the first one to warm a trick
I'll be the first one to pawn their shit

I'm not talking to you
Yappin bout he got it made
Fuckin a plastic bitch and hiring a maid
I'm not talking bout you acting like being a slave is the same thing as being saved

Let's toss the West
If that's you
Sucked in
I'm the sweetest lil beast from the East
Fuck sin
I want all you horny Devils to burn on hell
Coz you built my fuckin cage
Paid for my brothers cell

Let's drop a fuckin rock on the table for these hoes
Let's watch em all turn up their snotty fuckin nose
Let's pay the pimps like the pimps lay hoes
Let's introduce to the sargent and his muthafuccin hose

I'm not talking to a pig can't get enough dough
I'm not talking to a whore can't fuck enough
I'm not talking to a money grubby pig
I'm not talking to ya bosses
I'm playing safe
For Him

Let's Mack em and Jack em
Let's polish these fools
Let's invest in our products
They'll love it
They fools
Let's rack all the hoes
Stack all the dough
Jack all the pros
Make stacks out the Joe's

I'm not talking to no muthafuccin traitorous Crip
I ain't getting my hands bloody with ya race hater shit
I'm talking big time
Top floor
Top shelf
I'm ready to take the fall coz they all heading for hell

I'm not sure you know what I'm saying but I ain't paying you bro
And I sure as shit ain't staying for no lame fuckin show
I'm talking bout turning the game on its head
And I don't give a fuck if I'm the first slut paying in bed
It's fuckin on