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Slim Shady EP- Eminem
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:22:50 PM »
The concept of this album was not developed after Eminem had signed to Aftermath records and won a deal with the greatest producer in hip-hop history.  But rather, there are two stories that have circulated about Eminem's dark past that is responsible for inspiring one of the most classically demented and brilliant hip-hop albums of all time. 

...The first explanation for the concept of this album goes like this... Eminem had failed for a couple of years trying to push his "Infinite" LP, and the failure of that records "positive", AZ/Nas type of style, along with the financial strain of his social life and the pressure to provide for his new baby daughter; had all lead him to attempt an overdose on prescription pain meds.  As he was in the bathroom, sick, and throwing up, he pictured a smashed mirror (which inspired the artwork of the Slim Shady EP) and said to himself "Fuck it... I'm going to start saying whatever the fuck I want, and if people don't like it, then fuck um!"  Thus, the sick and demented style of Slim Shady was born.

...the other story goes that he was taking a shit and the idea for the character Slim Shady popped into his head, and he thought the moniker would rhyme well.  He called his friend Proof and told him about it.

Either way it goes, he got in the studio with local producers Mark and Jeff Bass and would begin production on a set of about six songs which would lay the groundwork for one of the greatest and most successful careers in music history.

This EP was discovered and displayed in the sources unsigned hype column.  The columnist (who now holds a job at shady records as an a&r) was impressed by em could rap with a highly complex rhyme and metaphor scheme and still keep his message clear enough that it had the potential to reach a wide audience.

There's also a story that Dre found the EP on the floor of his garage amongst other demo's and the artwork caught his attention.

Anyway, on to a track by track list of the songs Em made on this historic EP in which he crafted the unique style that would take his carear from failure to stardom.

To be continued


... to be continued....
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