Author Topic: Globe Believers are Wack and the Earth is Flat!  (Read 77 times)

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Globe Believers are Wack and the Earth is Flat!
« on: August 06, 2022, 09:26:54 PM »
Nicca Trace One Infinite was ahead of the curve on you nerds
Callin out the coNvid hoax March 20-20, while ya'll had your
heads in the sand, protestin' George Floyd as one too many...
Not realizing that the Earth ain't curved and you're absurd
for being more concerned with an event of police brutality
then the actuality of a global incarceration in every nation
A lockdown, house arrest, and you can't even leave your nest?
And you ain't even stressed, just patiently waitin to inject?
While wearing your fuccin mask and Ministry of Truth
is checkin facts; while I'm opposing so you laughin at that?
You think it's no big deal to erase your face and cover your breath
All you worried about is George Floyd death and not the government
pilin up debt, to fight a fictitious virus, but you don't realize this
and now you are paying at the pump and stilll saying "Fuck Trump"
You think inflation is Putin's fault, even though they opened the vault
and made money worthless, by government spending purses
for dancing tic-toc nurses that ain't saving shit but a common cold
You adults can't see that Civilation is some 6,000 years old
but suddenly we can't live without a vaxx and a mask
cause you believe what your told but this game is to be SOLD!!!
Now I'm exposing that the Earth ain't no Fuccin Globe!!
and the you have never seen the curve, you only believe what you heard
Cause you the Sheep in the HERD!!!

My First Officially Schedule Rap Battle on Stage as an undercard to the undercard match

(btw, Earth 🌎 is not a spinning water ball)