Author Topic: Blackstone Rangers: U.S. Experiment Using Gangs ☭ Marxist Report on BPSN  (Read 80 times)


Part One:

The Blackstone Rangers were funded by the U.S. government before the Black Panthers came to Chicago.  BPSN originated in the Presbyterian church as a Black Nationalist organization under Eugene Harris and Jeff Fort on December 28th, 1968.  The Black Panther Party was a Communist vanguard with access to Black ghetto youth.  This 1976 report shows how the Communists were upset that they could not Antifa/BLM the South Side of Chicago in 1968.   

The Stones and Disciples defended the South Side of Chicago against a minstrel Communist invasion in 1968.  The Communists were bringing child predators to the hood at that time.  Allen Ginsberg is the predator introduced by Amiri Baraka, a Communist who denounced Black Nationalism after lying to Black people about it in 1972. 

Part Two:
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There is a letter in this video that says that Tookie Williams, the alleged founder of the crips, larry hoover and david barksdale aka king david were all apart of the same group. It also mentions the Black Panthers. The Larry Hoover / Hoover Crip connection shouldn't be overlooked. You can connect the Black P Stone Nation to the California Piru/Bloods as well. The story we are told about Bloods and Crips just popping up out of no where is a lie.

The same can be said for the red side.
Here's a replica of shirt that Suge Knight wore back in '96.

Here's a book detailing the Chitown organization with its official name.

If you look into T. Rodgers you can get even more answers between the connection of the Cali/Chicago organizations.
No man born of woman tho. Dead homies.