Author Topic: He said, She said 2023 and 22-23 some notes unfinished  (Read 96 times)

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He said, She said 2023 and 22-23 some notes unfinished
« on: March 16, 2023, 03:14:36 AM »
Before Sunset and Ethan Hawke sitting across
from Julie Delpy asking the answer to 7 years
of question and first she proceeds to play dumb
Do you think that they are wrong and we are right?
The ones outside or the ones inside?
The man inside the arena as Roosevelt says
who at best knows the fruits of great success
and at worst will never rest with dark and timid souls
Those peering in from behind the curtains
though it's not the critic that counts
I don't give an ounce of energy to that
Because your vibration will be defeated
like a baseball that crashes into Babe Ruth's bat
You don't understand my pain, my pain turned to anger
the sweet girl you once knew is now unto you a stranger
Darth Vader tells Luke to give into his anger
and that his anger will give him strength and power
And certainty where there was once confusion
So the strength and power is actually an illusion
And those that possess the touchstone can see through them
It's Michael Jordan in Game 7 against Coach Bird
It's the wise old owl--the less he talked the more he heard

Amal was a dream as at the dawn of the summer
Gave wonder and pause as I mixed wtih the mystics
First one gave me cliche' and not intuitive
the second was the same as lame as a limp leg
the egg was laid by a stronger physical stature
Next was a shy type, quiet but probably liked
and one that wrote upon the empty white canvas board
when I was being distracted by the expensive watch
Next was one thing quiet and sweet as a sister
and then two that sat with a slight smile
and one's who
Girl arguing her parents for why we should be
They don’t wanna believe
When the walk in and enter the room
Plan the situation and do it soon
Rearrange it and plan little sister
A fixture of the next generation
Is that they’re not chasing the same dreamz
Instead it seems the pillows on the edge of couch
But they double back around to enter the room
Consumed in ecstasy, place we plan to be forever
Sever, never will they ever fully understand
The golden era of rap they talk cappin we talk caps
They postin in all caps we postin up wit hat back
Back in the day hangin outside the theatre
Fully connected to my creator and at the same time
I’m listening to Kurupts rhymes out the speaker
Of a Dogg Food album on repeat or
Def Squad Meets Flipmode why we have to grow old
My head still stuck in that 96’ Flat Earth mode

editing... fixing later... not finished...
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