Author Topic: Wim Hoff breathing — the ice man who changed the game (even Tom Brady copied)  (Read 123 times)

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This shits actually pretty cool you will have to look it up yourself cause I don’t care enough but Eric Dubay the flat earth guru is also a yogi 🧘‍♂️ guru so he talks about this dude so I gave the shit a try and had positive effects in two areas I’ve always struggled to master…

1. Sleep (sometimes I’d have urge to smoke ciggerette or eat food late at night and found out it’s actually just because those two actions stimulate your breathing briefly and you can bypass that with Wim Hoff breathing)

2. Weight (I’m not fat but I’ve also never been able to really get my stomach flat.  Well Eric Dubay talks about how the stored food sticks to your intestines or whatever and he does shit like hanging up side down and shooting water up his asshole (no homo, lol) to dislodge it.  But anyway he also talks about how the Wim Hoff breathing techniques can dislodge that stored junk that stays in system forever)

Anyway I know it gets old all this fuccin self help shit and trends on YouTube or whatever but this is my latest fad so take it for what it’s worth
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