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The last Unicorn
« on: December 08, 2023, 09:18:58 AM »
If men can't see a unicorn in front of his face
then what if a tree or shrub were to take its place
would it see in anger and would it see in disgust
thank God that god gave me a unicorn to love
I'd chased it for many years but it escaped my sight
I know what they look like and prayed for it at night
and prayed for it by day, like catching a falling star
since when angels were scratching records and plucking guitars
how did the unicorn get so lost in the forest of life
at the turn of the millenium, the decade, and century
how life could have fallin so dark and end up in misery
it's a mystery to me till I'd came so far in middle age
and saw one laughing from a corner to cool my years of rage
to soften my skin but outsiders looking in sought to sabotage
it made the experience bittersweet and put happiness at odds
till I ran and and ran heriocally to build my endurance and might
but it only mixed things more and left me fatigued and bittersweet
Till a couple days that the Unicorn went away and #2 took it's place
Scottie Pippen, Robin, and Redman, Allison, and betta days
and better ways as if second was an even higher heaven than the first
Let them be jealous of us, let them sabotage, we move with gods
we move with angles and stampeed do the stars so night could fall
It's the last Unicorn and her co-conspirator from now until beyond
so let manifestations manifest back into a the lake and countryside
distances of our youth, we ride and ride the Pinnochio nose can't hide
the innocence inside is a thousand lifetimes through the eye of a needle
it's walking hand and hand in our own distant land where eyes don't deceive you
So sing the praises, blow trumpets, and let knowledge be born,
it's the tale now and forever of the last unicorn.
Givin' respect to 2pac September 7th-13th The Day Hip-Hop Died

(btw, Earth 🌎 is not a spinning water ball)