Author Topic: Slo Stallone - R.I.P. (1977 - 2021)  (Read 161 times)


Slo Stallone - R.I.P. (1977 - 2021)
« on: February 15, 2024, 09:34:48 AM »
First off I think it's wild I am posting this under the "West Coast Classics" section. Time sure flies. Anyways  I just found out Slo Stallone had passed away back in 2021. I loved his laid back style and was a fan of his mixtape but an album never surfaced from him or Y.A.  For those of you not familiar here is a mixtape that was released but DJ Strong as part of the The Cali Untouchable Radio Series back in 2006. I'm missing track 8 from the mixtape.

I wasn't sure if he had any other mixtapes I should be aware of that he released underground please let me know. I also fuck with Tri Star from Y.A. and he's on a few tracks that cut short for the mixtape. Would love to find the full length versions of these tracks, or if anyone has TriStar socials would love to reach out to him about some of this material.

Only Nigga I Trust (feat. Tri Star) (Prod. Dee & Kareem)
That's My Thang (feat. Tri Star) (Prod. Amazen)
The Police (Prod. by Amazen)

Also if anyone has Kurupt And Roscoe - Cali Untouchable Radio Pt. 5 Y.A. would be tight to grab, the copy I found has skips and errors like crazy during the second 1/2 of the CD. Cheers