Author Topic: Fredro Star talking Pac, Kobe, Suge, Death Row, interviews on VLAD  (Read 78 times)

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More than a rapper, I just always liked this guy since I was a kid.  I remember I went to the barber in spring of my 8th Grade year, had a great skater cut but wanted a flat top like Simon Rex the MTV VJ/ and the old school barber cut it like an 80's flat top. I had to literally fight a 7th grade kid on the bus cause he tried to punk me yelling, "Hey Brian, I heard the 80's are comin back!"  I felt embarrassed to even show my face in school with that cut, it almost ended me, and the great run I was on in the mid-90's Death Row Era.  Then I went to the movie theatre and saw this dude in Sunset Park and everything changed, and everything was back up for me again.  That's how it was in those days nothing could knock you off for long, cause you would get lifted back up by the times we were livin in.

A friend and I snuck into the R Rated (and then later that night watched the Dogg Brothers on MTV sex in the 90's, and were also inspired by that, lol). That movie really lifted my spirits.  Remember the soundtrack was classic with a Pac joint, that Dogg Pound banger and that MC Lyte cut really inspired me.  I ended up having like the greatest summer of my life and that Spring and Sunset Park, Fredro Star really springboarded me.  I'm still stuck in those times they were so good (Infinite Trapped in 96'). Late summer 96 he was in Moesha, I remember trying to jack this dudes swag (though we didn't have the word "swag" back then maybe we said "style") but he was acting like a rough kid moving to a nice neighborhood, new school, I was trying to act all "troubled" lol...but it was all in fun in those days.

Anyway... enough about me, to the interviews.  Apparantly I wasn't the only one that liked him at the time and notice he had something special to offer, because 2pac and Suge were really into this dude and Suge was trying to get him to Death Row, and Pac was biggin him up at the Sunset Park Premeire, loving what this dude was doing.  He also tells the story that Kobe was kind of friends with Brandy at the time and used to come to the set of Moesha just to cipher and freestyle with Fredro Starr.  Many years later he destoryed Keith Murray in a battle around 2014 ya'll got to check out.
 Never like my favorite rapper, and never a huge fan of Onyx, but this dude was an inspiration.

Givin' respect to 2pac September 7th-13th The Day Hip-Hop Died

(btw, Earth 🌎 is not a spinning water ball)