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Exposing 501(c)3 Churches
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501C3 was the Devil's plan to silence the church.  They can't speak out against the government.  If they do the pastors can be arrested and have their ministry shut down.

"It is impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government!"

Each of the Laodicean TV networks including every ministry on those networks are 501c3 government churches.

Shepherd's have sat back and watched wickedness spread without shouting from their rooftops like scripture commands them too and this 501C3 is what kept them silent. 

The legalization of abominable sins (abortion, pornography, sodomy, the removal of prayer and any kind of worship of Jesus Christ in schools) should have been waged war against the government by the church in the '60's when our government legalized those sins. 

"The Condition of the World Lies at the Pulpit!" 

Charles Finney
501c3 Churches have sold out our God for thirty pieces of silver.
No man born of woman tho. Dead homies.



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No lies were told in the video above.
No man born of woman tho. Dead homies.