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On May 18, 2018 officers responded to the Trump National Doral Miami Hotel regarding multiple reports regarding an erratic man with a gun in the lobby. Jonathan Oddi had taken over the lobby and draped an enormous American flag over the resort’s front desk. The details of that incident were covered in a story we published in September 2019, and today we have finally acquired footage of Mr. Oddi's interview by FDLE Special Agent Alberto Borges and Miami Dade Police Detective Oscar Andino.

During his interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Oddi, a 42 year old former stripper, stated that he had planned his actions to direct attention to several political issues. He stated he dressed in black clothing and painted his face black so he would not be seen, and that he had conducted surveillance on the property for about two hours.

While at the hospital, Oddi yelled many spontaneous statements, asking to speak with the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, and the media. He stated that he is an intelligence officer and also made the following erratic comments: “Trump is a traitor,” “Obama is Osama,” “Trump makes his money on gas,” and “laws are corrupt."

Oddi also told officers that he had a "settlement" with Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and the rap artist known as P. Diddy.

This video presents a portion of the interrogation of Jonathan Oddi. Whose last name could hardly be more appropriate, and who at one point worked for website "Dancing Bear" as a porn actor.

Let us know in a comment if you would like to see more of this interview aka hear Oddi's thoughts on Tupac Shakur.
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