Author Topic: Why did 50 change his lyrical style?  (Read 245 times)


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Re:Why did 50 change his lyrical style?
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Yeah... "I'ma tell you what Banks told me, cuz go 'head, switch yo style up, if niggaz hate then let 'em hate and watch the money pile up."

Now, take a look at this thread right here (and many other "50-hating" threads). Ain't it ironic? That's exactly what's happening - y'all hatin', 50's watching the money pile up.

Gotta admit it though that 50's performance on Beg For Mercy was a big let down. But I think I know what the hell is the problem there and the whole album not being as tight as anticipated - the executive production. 50 did it, with Sha Money XL as co-exec. Get Rich Or Die Tryin' had two other execs that knew what the fuck they were doing and just how you make a tight album, not just a collection of songs. (I know this was off-topic, but I had to say it.)

Word, 50 played second violin to Banks & Buck on "Beg for Mercy".
Dre should have exec. produced it, it wasn't consistant..


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Re:Why did 50 change his lyrical style?
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But anyways, I've lost a lil' respect for 50 because of this fact. I don't understand why he just doesn't go bac to his old style? I mean he's already runnin' the rap game basically, and he already has plenty of fans, so IMO if he got mre lyrical then he'd also win the respect [maybe] of his many haters.

he'd sure as hell gain some respect back from me...i want that mf to go back to his old shit and make a good "Power Of The Dollar"...that shit was sick