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X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« on: October 28, 2001, 08:58:58 AM »
Could someone do a review of that please. thinking bout gettin it, but not sure
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Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2001, 11:29:49 AM »

01/Intro - Short intro with a guy talkin bout alkahol...

02/Bar Code (feat Xzibit) - Very catchy beat. Tash starts with his verse.My Fav Line Is: "Ain't here for no frontin just to say a lil' somethin/A nigga like CaTash'll get this motherfucker pumpin" Then J-Ro starts a quite short but good verse.  The chorus is very dope too! "Put The Bottle To Your Lips/When I Sip You Sip We Sip (altogether now) Back & Forh (To The Bar Ya'll!). Then X comes with a very dope verse. After that, 2 other tight verses by Tash & J-Ro. Ill say.. 4.5/5

03/Run Wild (feat Shae Fiol) - Nice beat with alotta keyboard tones. Tash starts it off with lines like: So Where The Party At/You Know How We At/Once Be Buzzed Off That Cognac.Then Shae Fiol & J-Ro trade some lines (Whata Wanna Do? Look WHosIn Front Of You/Crazy Old Likwit Crew). Then Comes A Nice Chorsus with a nice scratch ;). For the rest of the song, Shaoe Fiol trades lines with Tash & J-Ro. A very good track 4/5

04/L-I-K-S - A nice party beat and Tash starts it off with a cool verse. Then comes the first Rap appearance of E-Swift with a dope verse (We stay keyed, keep on givin the fans what they need/Keep it rough for these streets). The Chorus is like: L... to the muthafuckin I... to the muthafuckin K... tothe muthackin S...! 3,5/5

5/Bully Foot Skit - Skit With A Guy Talkin A The Phone

6/Bully Foot (feat Busta Rhymes) - Nice, Hard beat and Busta Rhymes Start it off with a hot verse. The Chorus Is done by busta himself. Then J-Ro comes with a nice verse and after the chorus comes off with a dope verse: I still got that flare so just stare from over there/Cause I'm so accurate with guns I put parts in niggaz hair. 4,5/5

07/My Dear (feat Defari) - Typical liks beat. Very catchy! Tash starts with a dope verse. The chorus goes like: My dear my dear my dear/you do not know me but I know you very well/So let me tell you bout the feelings I have for you. Then Defari starts his nice verse. I like lines like: And if I'm sharing never vital information/cause you'd probably snitch you bitch in a vital situation. Then J-Ro comes off tight on his verse. One of my favourite tracks 5/5

08/Interlude - Just A Skit

09/DA DA DA DA - Maybe my favourite song on this album! The beat is nothin special but still dope as fuck! Tash starts it off with a HOT verse.  Aiyyo Tha Alkies set the trends that the whole world follow/Fuck a CD, fuck a tape, we should sell this shit in bottles! The Chorus Is catchy too: DA DADADADA DADADA lool... Then J-Ro spits fire like:
Remove my shoes for foot races, primitive man ate fish/But MC's are the latest on my dish mentally spacious. E-Swifts verse is dope as fuck too. 5/5

10/40 OZ Quartet Part 1 - One single verse but J-Ro but its hot! Straight out of order sign on the weenie/Wasted chips buyin a bitch a gang of apple martinis.  3,5/5

11/Sickness (feat Butch Cassidy) - Dope. Pure Dopeness... you hear the beat you know the track will be hottt! Tash starts it off with a tight verse and butch comes off perfectly on the chorus! I got drunk and got down with Tha Liks/But before I put it down all I need is a fix. Then J-Ro comes of good too. After The chorus, Tash & J-Ro got some dope verses again. 4,5/5

12/Goin' Crazy - Nice Beat with cool effects. Tha Liks exchange hot verses on this one! i dont really know what more to say bout this track but... HOT 4/5

13/Best U Can - Now you all know this track for sure... one of the highlights of the album!Tash starts it off with a dope verseas usual with lines like: Let's get it pumped up, pumpin, the jump-off to jumpin/Aiyyo I'm lookin in your eyes you look a little drunkin pumpkin. The Chorus is handled nicely and the J-Ro starts his verse. Its not as good as tashs but still... dope! Then Tashs comes again with a hot short verse:
Yo.. I know you want me little mama, but tell me what you think about/Girls like you drain a motherfucker bank account. After Tash, J-Ro takes the mike again and this time his verse is even better! tight tight tight! 5/5

14/40 OZ Quartet 2 - Part 2... This time with Tash! He comes off tight on a slow beat and hes actually so drunk he forget lines lol... he throws up in the end ;)  4/5

15/Anotha Round - A harder beat than the others with guitars. J-Ro starts with a dope verse. The Chorus is handled by them three together. Then Tash rips the mike off! Well, I made a million dollars off this shit I penciled down/Flashy Tashy, be gunnin' from the worsest alliance. Then J-Ro & Tash exchange two short verses. Tight Track  4/5

16/Yo Mouth Skit - Just A Skit

17/The Bubble (feat King T) - On This track, the one and only King T makes his appearances. A strange beat u get used to after a while.. it kinda got bubbles in it lol.. E-Swift starts it off with a nice verse. The chorus is cool but can get anoying after a while.. Then Tash comes off Tight as usual. King T is good too with lines like: I stay with it, let me present the crown sound/Constricted with the Likwid, the ticket round town. Cool Stratchings in the end! 3,5/5

18/151 (feat Xzibit) - Xzibit makes his second appearance on this one. Dope, catchy beat. Tash starts it off with straight fire! Xzibit handles the Chorus nicely. Then 3 Verses by J-Ro, Tash & then again J-Ro.. they both come off tight as usual! Unfortunatley Xzibit hasnt got a own verse on this one. But still a dope track: 4/5

19/Promotin Violins (feat Kurupt)  - Young Gotti Makes his appearance on the last track of the album. A very hardcore beat with violins that are played metal style. Kurupt starts it off and he really rips it off! Maybe my favourite verse of the hole album! He just spits fire with dope as fuck lyircs!
Head up the concourse, like (?) in concourse/Scissorhands bulldoze ran like Honda Accords/I'm perfect with every note, 'til the periscope's on/Play like the accordian perfect with every chord. Then J-Ro & Tash come off with nice verses but cant really come near to Young Gottis unique lyics. 6/5

Album Rating: 4,5/5

Conclusion: One of my highlight albums this year! One dope track after the other! The best album of tha liks so far fo sho!!



Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2001, 12:35:16 PM »
Wasn't feeling this particular Alkaholiks record.  I tried to feel it for a week and it didn't work.  Then I just stopped listening to it.

Overall:  7/10 maybe 7.5/10
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Nima -

Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2001, 12:37:26 PM »
hmm strange... anyway.. what didnt you like about it??
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Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2001, 02:31:14 PM »


hmm strange... anyway.. what didnt you like about it??

Th first single, "Best U Can" was kinda sellin out.  I know Tha Liks wanted to go and sell more money but it didn't work.  "Run Wild" was a weak track...not your conventional Liks work.  Just wasn't feelin their new approach on the album.  
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Re:X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2004, 05:54:27 PM »
damn, i forgot and slept on this album...i think i'ma check it out soon, peace.
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Re:X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2004, 06:33:01 PM »
This album is maybe 2/5, 2.5/5 at best. This album is mediocre at best. If you want to hear the liks at their peak, get either 21 and Over or Coast to Coast. That's vintage Liks right there.
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Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2004, 09:21:16 AM »
Well my opinion is quite different; I really hate this album except for three songs:
Bully Foot Rap (ft. Busta); Da Da Da Da; Best U Can.
I can't stand the beats on the album, they're just too bouncy for me. The rap is also going from A to Z, it's like the noise of a childrenclass (ok, it's a bit overdone this).
So this album gives me a headegg, I like more a bit ehm.... organized music, feelin' me?
Well there ya got my opinion, don't all piss me off at the same time ;) just personal :)...



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Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #8 on: March 27, 2005, 08:48:39 AM »

gangsta aight

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Re: X O Experience - Tha Liks Review needed
« Reply #9 on: March 27, 2005, 04:36:14 PM »
This is their worst album, coast II coast=best