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C.V.: Showbiz (productions only)
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*co produced


Be With (f/Boo Ha, Mr Mud)

Diggin In The Crates

Chase Game (f/OC)

Chase Game (original) (f/OC)

Get It Dusty (f/Ghetto Dwellas)

Giant In The Mental

It's Up To You

Put It In Your System (f/Diamond D)

Soul Clap

AG & Showbiz

40 Acres And My Props

Add On (f/Lord Finesse, D Flow)

All Out

Bounce Ta This (f/Dres)

Catchin Wreck

Check It Out

Fat Pockets

Got The Flava (f/Method Man, Ghetto Dwellaz, Wally World)

Got Ya Back (f/Diamond D)

Hard To Kill (f/Diamond D)

He Say, She Say

Hold Ya Head

I'm Not The One

Medicine (f/Deshawn)

More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto

Neighbahood Sickness (f/Party Arty)

Never Less Than Ill

Next Level

Party Groove

Represent (f/Big L, Deshawn, Lord Finesse)

Runaway Slave

Silence Of The Lambs

Still Diggin (f/Diamond D)

You Know Now (f/Big Cathy)

You Want It (f/Wally World, Party Arty)


The Ultimate (remix)

Big L

No Endz, No Skinz

I Don't Understand It

Raw And Ready (f/Party Arty)

The Triboro

Big Pun

Classic Verses


Parental Discretion (f/Busta Rhymes)

Wishful Thinking


Drop It Heavy (f/KRS One, Big Pun)


Get Yours

Stand Strong

Weekend Nights

Diamond D

Feel The Vibe*

Step To Me

Fat Joe

I Got This In A Smash

I'm A Hit That

Terror Error (f/Remy Ma)

Ghetto Dwellas

Make It Official


A Friend

Blowe (f/Redman)

Represent The Real Hip Hop (f/Das EFX)

Sound Of Da Police

Lord Finesse

Back To Back Rhyming (f/AG)

Just A Little Something

Party Over Here

Return Of The Funkyman

Themes, Dreams & Schemes (f/Big L, OC, Showbiz & AG)

Yes You May (f/AG, Percee P)


Pounds Up (remix)


Show Em


The Crow

Organized Konfusion


Party Arty

Show & Prove


Killer Theme (f/Ghetto Dwellas)

Sadat X

Stages And Lights

Smiley The Ghetto Child

Bronx Baby

The Pharcyde


Tony Touch

The Club (f/DITC, Party Arty, Kid Capri)


Hold It Down (f/AG, Party Arty, A Bless)

That's Bless (f/A Bless)

Please Add On
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Leggy Hendrix

Re: C.V.: Showbiz (productions only)
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props on starting this...

Big L - The Triboro
D.I.T.C. - Get Yours
D.I.T.C. - Foundation
D.I.T.C. - Drop It Heavy
D.I.T.C. - Stand Strong
D.I.T.C. - Weekend Nights
OC - The Crow
Diamond D - Feel The Vibe *
Big Pun - Firewater
Big Pun - Classic Verses
Big Pun - Wishful Thinking

there are definitely more...
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