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C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« on: October 28, 2004, 08:15:06 PM »
3X Crazy

Stanky Panky


A Little Bout Me

Big Man (f/E 40)


Gangsta's Anthem (f/Killa Tay)

Keep It To Ya Self (f/Filthy Phil)

Mash Confusion

Mathematics (f/E 40, Lil Bruce, Nikki Scarfoze)

Minor League Throwdown (f/I.Q., K Cree, Livin Proof, A.D.)

Niggaz Just Learn


Struggle N The Projects

Tryin To Get


What The Fuck Can I Do


Jack Off (f/Jiboh)

She's Paid (f/Bosko, Dru Down)

B Legit

Dirty Work

It's In The Game

Recieve That

What Choo Thought (f/Princess, Suga Free)


Done Deal (f/DBA)

Bone Thugs N Harmony

Bad Weed Blues


Avenues (f/C Bo, Phats Bossi, Max Julian, Kenny Kingpin)

Coffee In The Morning

Do It Now (f/Cool Nutz)

Do You Like (f/E 40, Felli Fel, Lil Jon)

Heat Rockz (f/Kurupt, Cryciz)

Last Man Standing (f/Outlawz, Yukmouth, Phats Bossi, Gonzoe)

Like That (f/Jiboh)

Lot To Say (f/Cryciz)

No Regrets (f/Truth Hurts)

Peel Out (Ay Yo!!!)

That Fire (f/E 40, C Bo)

What You Got (f/Phats Bossi)

Brotha Lynch Hung & C Bo

187 On 24th Street

Bubba Sparxxx

Ghetto (f/Bosko, Tru Life)

Ghetto (remix) (f/Lil Nut, Bosko)

C Bo

Goin Hard (f/Killa Tay, Gotti)

My Life

Street Life

Weekends (f/Bosko)

Celly Cel

The Dog In Me (f/Kurupt)

Cool Nutz

Behind The Scenes (f/Yukmouth, Poppa Q, Jiboh)

Behind The Scenes (remix) (f/Bosko, Maniak Lok, Yukmouth)

City Life (f/Spice 1, Bosko, G Ism)

Done Deal (f/B Legit, G Ism, Maniak Lok)

Enuf (f/Maniak Loc, Ray Ray)

Eyez On Prize (f/Bosko)

Keep My Soul (f/Ray Ray, Bosko)

No Parts (f/Thug Lordz)

One Time (f/Poppa Q, Gonzoe, Bosko)


Party Don't Stop (f/Bosko)

Roll Call (f/BA, Bosko, L Profound)

Rude Boyz (remix) (f/B.G., Maniak Loc)

Spread Love

Thug Shit (f/3X Crazy, G Ism, Ray Ray, Maniak Lok)

Time To Get Mine (f/Ras Kass)

Way Back (f/D Shot, Maniak Lok, Kenny Mack)

What I'm Bout (f/Vursatyl)

What You Do

What You Do (remix) (f/Bosko, April Cason)

Cool Nutz & Maniak Lok

4 Tonight (f/E 40, Bosko, April Carson)


It's Possible

Take A Look




Hollywood (f/Luniz)

D Shot

Money On My Mind (f/Bosko)


All Checks Are Cleard (f/Ras Kass)

All I Know (f/E 40)

City Life (f/Spice 1, Richie Rich)

Done Deal (f/G Ism, B Legit, Maniak Lok)

Fa Sheisty Cats (f/WC, Kurupt)

Havin Thangs (f/Luniz)

Holla Whats Up (f/Frost, N2Deep, Jay Tee, Baby Beesh)

Keep My Soul (f/Phats Bossi, Sabatoj)

La Di Day

Losin My Cool (f/AMG, RC)

Naw! Thats What They Do (f/Jayo Felony)

Pounds On It (f/Kam, CJ Mac)

Tic Toc

Walk Ta Dis


That's Who We Be (f/Phats Bossi, Drag-On)

Dru Down

Breezy (f/Luniz)

E 40

Borrow Yo Broad (f/B Legit)

Cause I Can (f/Jayo Felony, C Bo)

Clown Wit It (f/Mystikal)

Duckin & Dodgin

Dump, Bust, Blast

Fuckin The Noise

Gangsterous (f/D Shot, The Mossie)

If I Was The 5th

Lace Me Up (f/Suga T)

Like A Jungle (f/Kokane)

Look At Me (f/Hot Boys, The Mossie, Nutt, Baby)

Mo Game (remix)

Nigga Shit (f/Mack 10)

Sprinkle Me (f/Suga T)

Sprinkle Me (remix)

Zoom (f/Leela James)

G Ism

City Life (f/Spice 1, Bosko, Cool Nutz)

Mo Game (f/Bosko)

Strips (f/Bosko)

Swoop (f/Bosko, Cool Nutz)

Gangsters On The Move

Big Bank (f/B Legit, Bosko)


Dirty Dancing

One Time (f/Poppa LQ)

Hard Boyz

Trapped In The Game (f/Spice 1)

Heavy D

In Living Color Theme


Trapped In The Game (remix) (f/Cool Nutz)

Jayo Felony

Money Schemes (f/E 40)

Jimmy Coizer

She's All I Got (remix) (f/Felli Fel)


Ballers And Pimps (f/E 40)

Lil Cyco

They Ain't Gangsta (f/C Bo, Killa Tay)

Lil Flip

Sunshine (remix) (f/Lea)

Lil Kim

I Need You Tonight (remix) (f/Aaliyah)

Lil Nut

Ghetto In The Sky (f/Bosko)

Limp Bizkit

Crushed (remix) (f/Bosko)



Is It Cool (f/Mokenstef)

Put It On The Mob (f/Swoop G, 3X Crazy)

Tight (f/Fat Joe)

Maniak Lok

Join The Team (f/Bosko, Cool Nutz)

Just Like Us

Set it Off (f/Bleek, Bosko, G Ism)

Master P

Ghetto In The Sky (f/E 40, Bosko)

Pop Lockin Pt 2 (f/Snoop Dogg, Silkk The Shocker, WC, Daz, Tha Eastsidaz, Bosko)

Max Julian

Smokin' 'N Rollin

Mr D.O.G.

Get Off My Line (remix) (f/Bosko, 3X Crazy)


Don't Mess With The Radio (f/Run)


World Wide (f/2pac, T Lo)

Phatts Bossi

All On A Bitch

Black Madonna

Can A Nigga Ball?

Drivin Em Crazy (f/Jaz-Mina, Bosko)\

Holla Back

In Progress For Trials And Tribulations

Live Ahh (f/Max Julian)

Smokin Groove

Poppa LQ

Don't Blame Me

Neighborhoodsta Funk (remix)

Po’ Broke & Lonely?


U Ain't That Fine (f/E 40)

Richie Rich

Hit Me On The Hip

Money & Murder

Play Boy

Straight Male

The Truth Comes Out...

You Brought The O Back

Wake Up

Spice 1

Faces Of Death

Funky Chickens

Mind Of A Sick Nigga

Swoop G


Put That On The Mob

Not To Be Faded

Simpin Ain't The Pimpin

Suga Free

Til The Dawn (f/E 40, Bosko)

Tech N9NE

Thugged Out (f/Yukmouth)

The Click

Duckin & Dodgin


The Mossie

When I Say Jump (f/B Legit)

Too Short

Paystyles (remix)


I Like Them Girls (remix) (f/Felli Fel, Bosko)

Trey Dee

They Don't Know (remix) (f/Mac Shawn, B Legit, Maniak Loc)

West Coast Mafia

Rat Head

Thugg It (f/E 40, Bosko)

West Coast Mafia Gang

Ya'll Prankstas (f/Mr Short Khop, CJ Mac)


Don't Hate The Hustler (f/E 40, Bosko)

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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
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Like The Scott Storch CV, I knew the original was never gonna be updated, so i made a new one. Enjoy.

TuKer Says: Angeles Records is the truth!!

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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
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Lil Cyco - "They Ain't Gangsta" ft. C-Bo, Killa Tay


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
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Lil Flip ft Lea - Sunshine (Bosko Remix)


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2005, 10:35:58 AM »
He did 5 tracks on the danish rapper L.O.C's new album...

L.O.C. - 100
L.O.C. feat. USO & Johnson - Læg Den Hater Ned
L.O.C. - De Sidste Tider
L.O.C. - Ignorant
L.O.C. - Min Tilstand


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2005, 04:17:31 PM »
Truth Hurts Feat. WC & Bosko - Ready Now (Bosko Remix)


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2005, 10:12:10 AM »
Alliancen - W (feat. Bosko)


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2005, 05:47:35 PM »
theres that song with suga free, e-40 and bosko... forgot what it's called... maybe "til the dawn"


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Re: C.V.: Bosko (Productions Only)
« Reply #8 on: May 09, 2007, 02:55:59 PM »

C-Bo - Outro (Life As A Rider)

The Click - The Dope Track
The Click - Victor Baron

Dru Down - Give It Up

D-Shot - Kick It Tonight
  (feat. Jayo Felony)

E-40 - All Tha Time  (feat. B-Legit)
E-40 - Back Against the Wall  (feat. Master P)
E-40 - Doin' Dirt Bad  (feat. B-Legit)
E-40 - Jump My Bone
E-40 - L.I.Q.
E-40 - Money Scheme
  (feat. Jayo Felony)
E-40 - Til the Dawn  (feat. Suga Free, Bosko)