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C.V.: The Beatnuts (productions only)
« on: November 14, 2004, 04:10:16 PM »
*Produced by Juju
**Produced by Psycho Les

Big Pun




Life Liquid (f/Journalist)

Chi Ali

Check My Record

Chi Ali vs Vanilla Shake

Funky Lemonade

In My Room

Jump To The Rhythm

Let The Horns Blow

Looped It

Maniac Psyco

Murder Chi Wrote

Roadrunner (f/Dove)

Shorty Said Nah

Step Up

The Fabulous Chi


Hiedi Hoe


Hard Times (f/Shantell)**

Da Youngstas

Wild Child

Dilated Peoples

Self Defense

Fat Joe


Misery Needs Company

The Shit Is Real

Ghostface Killah


Intoxicated Demons

Sweet Dreams**

Jurassic 5

If Only You Knew*

One of Them (f/Juju)*


Fresh Out The Box

Spell It With A J

Tear Shit Up

Top Notch (f/Psyco Les)

Uptown Shit

Walk Like A Duck


Oh Shit (f/The Beatnuts)

Mos Def

New Water World**

Rock N Roll**


A Beautiful Day

Non Phixion

Suicide Bomb (f/Intoxicated Demons, Marley Metal, Moonshine)*

Pete Nice


Rat Bastard (f/Psyco Les)

Verbal Message

Pete Nice & Daddy Rich

Kick The Bobo (remix)


Say What**

Q Unique

Diamond In The Ruff*

Me, That's Who*


Can't Relate (f/The Beatnuts)**


Screwed Up


The Nod Factor

Terror Squad

Whatcha Gonna Do*

The Arsonists

Rightious Spics (Anthem)

The Beatnuts

2-3 Break

All Night (f/Chris Call)


Back 2 Back

Becks N Branson (f/Triple Seis, Marley Metal)

Bionic (f/El Gant, Al Tariq)

Bless The M I C (f/Gab Gotcha)

Bring The Funk Back

Buggin (f/Prince Whipper Whip)

Buying Out The Bar (f/Chris Candler)

Confused Rappers (f/Rahzel)

Contact (f/Marley Metal)

Do You Beleive

Down (f/Milano)

Find Us (f/Akon)

Find That

Finger Smoke

Forever (f/Triple Seis)

Freak Off (f/Chris Call)

Fried Chicken

Get Funky

Give Me Tha Ass

Hammertime (f/Problemz, Marley Metal, Al Tariq, Moonshine)

Hell Raiser

Here's A Drink

Hit Me With That

Hood Thang (f/Miss Loca)

Horny Horns

Hot (f/Greg Nice)

If It Ain't Gangsta (f/Black Attack)

It's Da Nuts (f/Al Tariq)

It's Nothing (f/AG)

Let Off A Couple

Let's Get Doe

Lick the Pussy



My Music (f/Problemz, Amaretta)

Niggaz No

No Escapin This

Off The Books (f/Big Pun, Cuban Link)

Off The Books (remix) (f/Big Pun, Cuban Link)

Props Over Here

Riginate (f/Large Professor)*

Prendelo (f/Tony Touch)

Props Over Here

Psyco Dwarf



Se Acebo

Se Acebo (remix) (f/Method Man)

Simple Murder

Stone Crazy

Strokes (f/Horny Man)

Straight Jacket

Supa Supreme

Super Bad

The Trouble Is...

Thinking About Cash (f/Hostyle, Poet)

U Crazy (f/Cormega)

U Don't Want It (f/Triple Seis)

U Nahmsayin (f/Freeway)

Uh Huh (f/Tony Touch)

Uncivilized (f/Don Gobbi)

Vision (remix) (f/Key Kool)

We Don't Give A Funk

We Getting Paper (f/Triple Seis)


Who's Comin With Da Shit Nigga (f/Willie Stubz)

Work The Pole (f/Tony Touch)

Ya Better Belive It

Ya Don't Stop (f/Lucian)

Tae Yo (f/Ill Bill, Problemz)

Yeah You Get Props

Yo Yo Yo (f/Greg Nice)

Tony Touch

Capicu (f/Fat Joe, Noreaga, The Beatnuts)*

Pit Figth (f/Greg Nice, Psycho Les)

Triple Seis

Drinks Up (f/The Beatnuts, Cuban Link)**

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Re: C.V.: The Beatnuts (productions only)
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Pyscho Les did one of the tracks on the new Mos album, can't remember which one though.

GL from SOHH

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Re: C.V.: The Beatnuts (productions only)
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Dilated Peoples - "Self Defense" was done by JuJu

Big Pun - "Beware" also JuJu

Tony Touch's "Toca's Intro" and "Pit Fight" were done by Psycho Les

Mos Def - "War" also Psycho Les, co-produced by Mos

Nature - "A Beautiful Day" - Psycho Les



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Re: C.V.: The Beatnuts (productions only)
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Da Lench Mob - Ain't Got No Class (Beatnuts Remix)
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