Author Topic: I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah  (Read 533 times)

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I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah
« on: January 03, 2005, 12:54:04 PM »
I'm back.

I experienced and learned more in two weeks, then I could learn hanging around my home and city for 2 months.  I stayed in mosque's and Islamic schools from Minnesota all the way to Dallas. 

First there was a large gathering of Muslims in Minnesota.  All the brothers ate and drank from the same plates and cups, sharing the same food, everyone played their role, cooking, cleaning.  We slept in overcrowded rooms, and nobody ever complained.  Day and night we remembered our Lord, and reminded others about the greatness of Allah.  We told stories and listened to lectures about the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.  Many brothers there set off to other countries and other cities for 40 days or 4 months, to call others to Islam, and to bring Muslims back to the complete way of life.

After Minnesota we went out for 6 days in the path of Allah.  A Muslim traveller is aloud 3 days of support when travelling through a city, so we stayed in different masjids, and visited Muslims in the community to remind them of Allah and calling them to the complete way of life that is Islam.  It wasn't just for us to talk to them for their sake but for out own, when one talks he is also the first that hears, and therefore when we remind others about the greatness of Allah we are also reminding ourselves.

I learned how to make proper council with a group according to Islamic principals, how to make group desicions, how to choose a group leader, and how to be loyal to your leader (Amir) in a group setting, and integrate into and benefit the group, while putting other brothers ahead of yourself.  I learned how to conduct proper Islamic Ta'Aleem, focused Islamic studies inside the masjid, and the proper ettiquettes of group reading, learning and teaching.  I learned ettiquettes of visiting Muslim brothers, and how to give a lecture after prayers called a Bayaan, for the purpose of motivating others towards achieving a higher consciousness of Allah, while avoiding fitnah and other subjects that divide Muslims.  I learned how to control my nafs, my lower desires when others challenge you, and want to debate over issues that have no benefit.

You can read a book about how to do something, but on this trip I learned everything by actually physically taking part, which gives you much deeper insight and understanding into Islamic practices.  The trip was tremendous, I met so many wonderful people, and shared a common experience with those who travelled and lived with me. You don't truly know a person unti you've either lived with them, travelled with them, or done business with them, and on this trip I did all three.  I plan to go out again in the path of Allah for atleast another 40 days this year.
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Re: I'm back
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Re: I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah
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That is very true. You can read and study about something for years, but nothing is better than going out and actually participating. It sounds like you had a great time, my man. Thanks for sharing.


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Re: I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah
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my friend went to mecca few yrs ago and he had a similar story to

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Re: I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah
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what did you blow up? 8)

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Re: I'm back from spending 2 weeks in the path of Allah
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or the right question is did u receive any personalized training in how to blow urself (and others) up?  ::) :P

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Re: I'm back
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