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Iller Than Ill!
« on: October 01, 2005, 03:16:11 PM »
Coughing up my lungs never gunna learn my lesson,
That spliffs can't cure a chest infection,
Barely breathin as I'm sleepin my chest reachin for freedom,
Asthma got my weezin, cold in ma room so I'm freezin,
My illness is overpowering now I'm cowering from sickness,
Under my quiet shivering, crying God as my whitness,
Proper sick of this, no escaping my pain,
Tablets every single month still feelin the same,
Nose runnin like a sprinter, face buff and messed up,
Throat horser than Mr Ed, cos I'm sick and throwin up,
Thats what Ill's all about, I'm iller than ill,
Keeping Doctors in jobs with jabs that can kill,
Stabbed in the arm more than once or twice,
Told this will make you better but it wont feel nice,
But I dont seem to feel myself, regardless of health,
Bein on first name terms with Doc's never helps,
This bodys so tired, only 20 years old and retired,
I've left college, left home and from work I got fired,
All because of my circles, they so vicious to escape,
Tired 24/7 and my mind seems to wander place to place,
But thats the card I was dealt, so no replacements please,
Leave parents cryin on their knees as docs to to ressusitate me!
Sick of it!